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All Things Maine

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mount McKinley Earlier Named for Maine Native

North America's highest mountain was earlier named for gold prospector Frank Dinsmore, a native of Auburn.
A prospector, Frank Densmore, spoke so enthusiastically after seeing the mountain from Lake Minchumina in 1889, that it was known for years among prospectors as "Densmores Peak." [Link]
Dinsmore returned to Auburn in 1897 to visit his ailing father. The Lewiston Evening Journal published an interview:
Mr. Dinsmore is a son of Mr. Charles Dinsmore, brother of Mr. Hiram Dinsmore of Dinsmore & Greenleaf, and he has lived in the West twenty-three years, this being his first home-coming. He was in Iowa a short time, but for seventeen years he has been engaged in mining operations along the great Yukon river in Alaska. He struck the Klondike country last December and is said to have become the owner of a number of very important claims at reasonable figures. [Link]
Dinsmore died a year later, his body returned to Auburn for burial.


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