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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bruce McToose Visits Norway

A program on "Intrepid Traveler" Bruce McToose's visit to the exotic land of Norway will air on MPBN this Sunday at 11pm and again Saturday February 27 at 11am.
[Producer Steve] Hrehovcik said "The Norway Show" was the inspiration for their continued work on the series.

"In future shows we will be traveling around the state to various cities with foreign connections. In Paris, Maine Bruce will hope to climb the Eiffel Tower; in China he'll want to stroll on the Great Wall; in Mexico he'll search for some Aztec artifacts. Also on our list of "distant lands" are Poland, Naples, Rome, Denmark, Sweden, Moscow, Egypt and several others," he said.

Hrehovick said Bruce McToose's travels are "all in good fun and an excellent way to explore the world without leaving the state of Maine." [Link]


At 3:17 PM, February 24, 2010, Blogger MHC said...

Chris, I wanted to get a hold of you regarding exchanging links on blog rolls, but could not find your email.

At 3:25 PM, February 24, 2010, Blogger Chris said...

Oh, just noticed that my email address was no longer showing in my profile. You'll find it there now.


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