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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pepperrell Plaque Rededicated

There was a ceremony last Saturday at Sir William Pepperrell's family tomb at Kittery Point.
A memorial plaque, which had been obscured by trees for 30 years, was rededicated at the site of the Pepperrell tomb and cemetery, off Pepperrell Road across from Frisbee's Market.
The Pepperrell Tomb was built in 1720 as a family cemetery site. When Col. Pepperrell died in 1734, Sir William purchased the Georgian monument which rests above the tomb. The memorial tablet was erected and dedicated to the two Pepperrells in 1907 by the Pepperrell Association.

The tombstone is angled to face the water; back in the early 1700s, Estes said, there were very few of the present houses in the area, and the view would've included Pepperrell docks, Pepperrell warehouse and a fleet of Pepperrell ships, clear out to the Isles of Shoals. [Link]

This isn't the first time the gravesite has needed attention.
At the funeral obsequies of his father, Mr. Pepperrell bestowed every mark of respect that filial affection dictated. He, shortly after, ordered from London the marble structure that now stands over the vault containing the mouldering remains of the Pepperrell family, which was erected about the year 1736. This is almost the only relic of Pepperrell's day now remaining as it was at Kittery Point; and even here the vault beneath became so dilapidated a few years since, that water gained admission through its crumbling roof, and washed the dissolving remains of the tenants into an undistinguishable mass, and but for the respect entertained for the memory of the illustrious dead, by a female remotely descended from the baronet, the whole structure would long since have fallen into ruins. By her exertions and limited means the tomb was put in good repair.


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