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All Things Maine

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Forks Plantation

This Slate article on place names with definite articles calls to mind Maine's only municipality beginning with "The."

The Forks Plantation lies at the confluence of the Dead and Kennebec Rivers in Somerset County. Benedict Arnold's expedition passed here on its way to Quebec in 1775; construction of the Old Canada Road made the way easier for subsequent travelers. The plantation was once home to The Forks Hotel, which burned a century ago.
[T]he entire distance from Skowhegan to the Forks the roadbed is good, and the scenery is delightful. Skilful drivers replete with good stories add to the pleasures of the drive; and when you are set down at the FORKS HOTEL, you will agree with me in saying that you have had the pleasantest ride you ever took in your life. You will also be agreeably surprised to find such a hotel as you see here, way up in the woods. The house was built in 1875 by Ex-Governor Coburn, and Mrs. Joseph Clark is the present proprietor. There are but few hotels in the State that will surpass it for size, comfort and convenience. The rooms are large and handsomely furnished, the parlor containing a nice piano Water is carried to each of the three flats, and the house contains modern conveniences, unlocked for in such a place. The hotel stands on the bank of the East Branch (the main Kennebec) and in sight of the West Branch (Dead River) and the rooms all command fine views. The two branches unite a short distance below the hotel; and a little way below the Forks our artist made the sketch an engraving of which graces the following page. This house has accommodations for one hundred guests, and it is almost useless to say that Mrs. Clark's table is unexceptionable. During their season, fish and game are served on the table in abundance. The Forks are the centre of one of the greatest sporting regions of the State find the scenery in the vicinity is charming. Mrs. Clark can supply plenty of guides at reasonable prices, who know the country thoroughly, and who can furnish you with good sport. Trout have been taken in the East Branch but a few rods from the hotel weighing as high as three pounds.


At 7:27 AM, October 29, 2009, Blogger Will Haskell said...

Great post! I really like the website link. I have been traveling Route 201 (Old Canada Road) at least once a month for the past couple years. I also have some neat old photos of the area around Parlin Pond that were taken by my grandfather back in the early 1900's.


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