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All Things Maine

Friday, November 07, 2008

George H. Pray, Potato Juggler

One Union soldier from Maine survived the war by juggling potatoes.
During the Civil War, 12,913 inmates died from the extreme conditions in the Confederate prison in Andersonville, Ga. One Union soldier who didn't was Pvt. George H. Pray, a clever Mainer whose stage act perhaps saved his life.

"How he survived Andersonville was that he juggled potatoes," said Jeffrey Bolduc, Pray's great-great-grandson, recently. "After he juggled them, he kept them and ate them."
After the Civil War, Pray made it his mission to strike down boredom wherever it could be found.

"After the war was over, he went all over the United States, Mexico and Canada performing magic," said Bolduc. [Link]


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