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All Things Maine

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maine's Degree Confluences

Of the 64,442 degree confluences on Earth—spots where latitude and longitude integer degrees intersect—twelve are located in Maine, and all twelve have been visited by participants of The Degree Confluence Project. One lies in Aziscohos Lake, very near the spot where my grandparents once owned a camp.
We arrived at the end of the dirt road, 100m inland from the shore, and 500m north of the confluence. We brought kayaks, and found a portage trail which took us directly to the rocky shore. Morning mist had just lifted from the river valley, the lake was relatively calm. We launched the boats, and paddled to the zero point in only a few minutes. It took a while to get a picture of the GPS, as the breeze quickly moved the boat off the coordinates. After obtaining the requisite documentation, we landed at the shore, searched and found a geocache hidden in the woods. [Link]


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