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All Things Maine

Monday, May 05, 2008

Daggett Rock

An article in Saturday's Sun Journal discussed Daggett Rock in Phillips:
Boston University's Wroe Wolfe called Daggett Rock "one of the largest glacial-transported boulders on the earth" and figured it was part of the Saddleback Mountain range seven miles away.

At 100 feet long, 55 feet wide and 31 visible feet tall, "it's supposedly the biggest boulder, I've been told, in the eastern United States," said Dennis Atkinson, president of the Phillips Historical Society. [Link]
An MGS webpage estimates its size as "approximately 80 ft long, 30 ft wide, and 25 ft high," which would put it in the same league as New Hampshire's Madison Boulder.
A colorful legend exists regarding why the boulder is split into pieces. The story goes that two hundred years ago a woodsman named Daggett came upon the rock during a wild thunderstorm. Daggett, inebriated and upset at the storm, climbed onto the rock. Cursing, he took the Lord's name in vain and raged that he could not be struck down. A gigantic lightning bolt flashed from the sky followed by a boom of thunder. Daggett was instantly killed and the rock was cracked into the three fragments found today.
A site called New England Bouldering gives tips on climbing the rock.


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