All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Boy's Paradise

Stavros of My Greek Odyssey —born in Istanbul to Greek parents, raised in New York, and now living in Saco—shares his earliest memories of Maine.
Life in a dingy tenement on East 91st Street in the Yorkville section of Manhattan was less than appealing. No trees, no grass and the smell was awful. The only respite from life in the urban jungle was the occasional holiday trip to Maine on the train. Oh how I longed for those trips. For a few days I was transformed from street urchin into a "country boy." I learned to fish and ride a bike in Maine. I went horseback riding and swimming in the ocean. I played in the woods and went blueberry picking. As suddenly as I was transported to paradise I would be whisked back to the asphalt, brick and cement landscape of the city.


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