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All Things Maine

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bigfoot & ME

Kathryn Skelton has a story in today's Sun Journal about evidence of Bigfoot's presence in Maine.
Tony Martin was digging in a clay bed beside Coos Canyon, rock hounding up the road in Byron, when he pulled a pair of odd-shaped stones from the muck.

Each weighed about 5 pounds, stretched 12 inches long. After a quick dunk in the Swift River, he saw what could pass for curved insteps and blunt heels.

His first thought: petrified Bigfoot tracks. [Link]
Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo says he's not too keen about out-of-staters coming to investigate our mysterious megafauna.
We don’t take too wicked kindly to people from California trying to line their pockets with money via our neighbors or even people “from away” looking for Maine Bigfoot. [Link]


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