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All Things Maine

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pembroke Couple Celebrates 80 Years of Marriage

Waldo and Kathleen Tarbell married on Apr. 9, 1927. Until a few weeks ago residents of Pembroke, they will mark their 80th anniversary next Monday. Waldo is 101, his wife 99.
For 37 years Waldo worked for the Maine Central Railroad where he earned 37 cents an hour when he started, Kathleen recounted.

After her children were raised, she worked for the next 32 years as a "herring choker and wrapper" at sardine factories in the area. In the early years she was paid 25 cents per case, each case containing 100 cans. Every day, the company bus picked the women up and took them to the packing plants. "Sometimes it’d be 10 o’clock at night before we’d get done. We’d go into work at eight in the morning. By the time we got home and got turned over in bed it was time to get up again," she said. [Link]


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