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All Things Maine

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Growin' Up in Maine

The newest addition to my Maine blogroll is Jim Degerstrom's Growin' Up in Maine, which takes as its inspiration the small village of Derby, Maine. His description of the old swimming hole "located Down Back on the Sebec River" reminds me of the spot where I spent my summer afternoons as a boy in Greenwood.
The term "Down Back" predates my birth and I'm not really sure of the origin except in order to find the old swimming hole you needed to go "down" and "back" some to get there.

This photograph shows several of the named rocks that have withstood 3 generations of the Degerstrom family without being renamed.
The foreground rock is "diving rock", and because of it's position a sandbar extends from the edge out into the river. At times there was less than 18 inches of water, so the diving technique required the right angle and a touch of insanity. [Link]


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