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All Things Maine

Friday, April 13, 2007

Frog Surveyors Wanted

Maine Audubon is looking for volunteers for its Maine Amphibian Monitoring Program.
After passing an online quiz on frog calls, volunteers will conduct surveys first in early spring, listening for wood frogs and spring peepers, Maine Audubon wildlife biologist and project co-coordinator Susan Gallo said in a Monday report.

In late spring, ears are tuned to American toads, northern leopard and pickerel frogs. In early summer, the other four frog species sounding off are gray tree, green, mink and bullfrogs.

Volunteers will make 10 stops along their routes, waiting five minutes at each and noting the frog species they hear. [Link]
You can try the public version of the online Frog Quiz to test your knowledge of the calls of Maine's nine species.


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