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All Things Maine

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Flood of 1987

The Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel have stories today on the April Fool's Day Flood of 1987.
With warm weather and heavy rains melting the snow pack, the rivers began to rise early on March 31, 1987. By the end of the day, the Kennebec River was flooding Front Street. It kept rising all day April 1 and was 20 feet above flood stage by the time it crested April 2.
Pieces of houses, trees and bundles of lumber floated down river. As the lumber struck the Father Curran bridge, the straps would snap, sending two-by-fours flying into the air like so many matchsticks. [Link]
Seven houses on Winslow's Lithgow Street were swept into the Kennebec River, as was the Winslow Historical Museum and the nearby Fort Halifax blockhouse, built in 1754, which survived the French and Indian war and dozens of smaller floods. [Link]
You can watch a slideshow of Kennebec flood images here.

Also washed away on Apr. 1, 1987, was Lowe's Bridge—a 130-year-old covered bridge across the Piscataquis River between Guilford and Sangerville.


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