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All Things Maine

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Deer Isle Boys

The first time the America's Cup was won by an American yacht with an all-American crew was in 1895. The crew were all professional fishermen from Deer Isle. A second yacht won the Cup in 1899, again with a Deer Isle crew. Now four students and five teachers from the Deer Isle-Stonington school system are going to Valencia, Spain, to meet the American BMW Oracle team.
[DI-S teacher Tom] Duym said he thinks the trip will give the students a great opportunity to explore the differences, and the similarities, between America’s Cup racing in the 19th and 21st centuries. Although the equipment has changed enormously over the past hundred years, Duym said, the Deer Isle Boys sailed with the most advanced technology available, just as the BMW Oracle crew does. There is another similarity, he said.

The crews chosen to race on multimillion dollar America’s Cup yachts are all extremely competent, competitive professional sailors. The Deer Isle Boys, he said, had the reputation for being capable, independent and “fiercely competitive.” [Link]


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