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All Things Maine

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aroostook Diaries

Diary of an Aroostook Farmer, which I blogged about here, has moved to a new address. I also found two other Aroostook diaries in Sheila's blogroll: Diary of an 1892 Farmer's Wife, which offers entries from the journal of Herrick Kimball's great-great-grandmother, and Diaries of Robert Murphy Fulton, Mars Hill Maine, excerpted here:
[Aug.] 24 [1895] Sat
Cold with a SE rain all day commencing in the night. Fred went out to Mars Hill Village with a double team and got his horses shawed (shod). McKelvery, from Mars Hill Village drove up here tonight with a horse and carriage and took Mrs. Adaline Murray down to Richard Bell’s. Arthur Hutchinson and wife called in. So ends the day.

Note: This is the first mention of Robert (Ash) McKelvery. Adaline will not remain a widow much longer. These carriage rides will be more frequent and most likely last a little longer. [Link]


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