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All Things Maine

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hamlin House For Sale

The Bangor home of Vice President Hannibal Hamlin is up for sale. The 1851 house has been home to Bangor Theological Seminary presidents off and on since 1933.
[Rev. William] Imes was the first seminary president in nearly 20 years to live in the Hamlin house when he took the job in 2001. The two previous presidents, the Rev. Ansley Coe Throckmorton and the Rev. Malcolm L. Warford, lived in homes that they owned privately.

"I valued my time in the Hamlin home as an opportunity to live in his house, but it was a lot like living in a museum," Imes said. "There were three rooms we almost never used.

"I will miss the view," he continued. "There is a most spectacular view of the city from the Hamlin house, but there’s a nice view from our new house. We can see the hills beyond Bangor very nicely from here." [Link]
Hamlin's birthplace and boyhood home is also still standing, in the town of Paris.


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