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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Maine Experience

I am very excited about Maine Experience, a new series from MPBN that premiered a couple of weeks ago.
MPBN is proud to bring you a new, exciting and entertaining history series targeted to anyone who loves Maine. Each episode of Maine Experience will feature five segments on various aspects of Maine life – it might be a person, a place, a historical event or even a cultural phenomenon – that makes the Pine Tree State such a unique place, one that captures the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

MPBN will post the video from each segment on this site after it airs each Thursday night on the television stations of MPBN, so if you were unable to catch the original broadcast, you can always check here the following day to see what you missed. Also posted on this site will be "web extra" exclusives that further add to your understanding of the subjects profiled in the show and of the "behind the scenes" work that goes into producing such a quality program. [Link]
This week's episode includes the sad tale of Malaga Island, whose mixed-race residents—both living and dead—were evicted by the state in 1911. Next week, watch for a segment on fiddler and snowshoe maker Mellie Dunham of Norway, a distant relative of mine.

Check out also the video clips filed under Maine Memory Minutes and Moving Image Minutes.


At 12:45 PM, November 02, 2006, Blogger T. Oklahoma Bandwagon said...

I feel better now. I saw the promo last night while watching the debate and thought, "How have I never seen this show before?" It looks like it will be a nice mix of the old Bill Elliott bits on Channel 6 and Frontline. Maybe not a perfect synthesis, but I'm excited.

I heard a lecture about the Malaga Island project in Rockland last month, and while I went primarily to hear from my friend and former Professor Nathan Hamilton about his current work, I became fascinated about the topic itself before too long.

Looking ahead, it appears that several other topics will come up that I've wondered about in the past, but never enough to investigate -- i.e. the proliferation of Osteopaths in Maine, why Maine appears to be the last holdout for active Granges, etc.

Happy viewing!

At 11:47 AM, November 03, 2006, Blogger Wisdom Weasel said...

I watched the first episode on Margaret Chase Smith, and saw the next one on Neal Dow. I think I like the show: it doesn't succumb to the relentless and uncritical cheerleading of the local historical society publications it superficially resembles but it still softball's the real meat of history (Chase Smith=heroine for standing up to McCarthy, therefore the rest of her career is without reproach, etc). I also wish they would do something about the awful circa 1995 virtual reality game graphics package they use for idents and links. But if not a home run for MPBN, its at least a double.


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