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All Things Maine

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ways of the Woods

The Northern Forest Center's "Ways of the Woods" traveling exhibit will be making stops in Bethel, Mexico, Unity, Jackman, and Portland in coming weeks.
Ways of the Woods’ exhibits are both inside the 18-wheel tractor-trailer and under an attached tent. Inside the trailer, attendees will find “Rings of Time,” an interactive exhibit that combines historic and contemporary photos and film footage with traditional music and spoken word. There are also flat-screen video stations that play profiles of people who live, work and play in the Northern Forest, and exhibit cases that display items handmade in the region using native Northern Forest products.

Under the attached tent are several museum-quality kiosks that explain key themes in Northern Forest history, including industry, adventure, conservation and recreation. A logger’s spiked books, vintage skis and ski boots, and a backpack fire pump used to fight forest fires in the 1930s enhance this portion of the exhibit. The tent also holds exhibits tailored for elementary school-aged children, and local artisans and performers will be on hand to demonstrate traditional handcrafts and perform music and dance traditional to the region. Before they leave the exhibit, visitors have the opportunity to reflect on their place in the Northern Forest and share their thoughts with future attendees. [Link]


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