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All Things Maine

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The First to Swim the Kennebec

Robert Tristram Coffin wrote in his Kennebec, Cradle of Americans of David Ingram—said to be the first man to swim the Kennebec River.
In 1558, Ingram's ship became marooned in the Gulf of Mexico. The sole survivor, he decided to walk back to England.

He started out swimming, all the time thinking that England would be near water. Days, weeks, and even years went by. He finally landed on the shores of the Penobscot. There he found a French ship and bribed the captain to take him to England by telling of the riches they would find near the Kennebec.

He described his riches as white, rich crystal that could be seen and found in the latter part of the year. Thus David Ingram saw more of America than any man of the century. (By the way, the white rich crystals were the snows of Maine). [Link]


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