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All Things Maine

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bryant Pond's Historic Bell

The bell which hangs in the steeple of the Bryant Pond Baptist Church has an interesting history. The church was organized in 1855, but the bell that calls members to worship was installed just a century ago.
The Baptist churchgoers of Bryant's Pond, Me., are called by a bell that was originally in the lighthouse on Minot's Ledge. The lighthouse was destroyed by a storm during the early '40s and not long afterward the bell was rescued from the bottom of the ocean.

Samuel T. Faulkner had the bell placed in the tower of a mill in Turner, Me., where it hung for more than half a century. The mill was burned two years ago and the bell was partially destroyed. At the same time Mr. Faulkner lost his life in the fire.

The bell has now been recast and presented to the church at Bryant's Pond by a daughter of Mr. Faulkner. [(Chicago, Ill.) Suburbanite Economist of Nov. 15, 1907]
The lighthouse at Minot's Ledge near Boston Harbor was actually destroyed in April of 1851. The first keeper of the light was Isaac Dunham, who was once a resident of Hartford, Belfast, and Bath, Me., and in 1827 was appointed the first keeper of the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point.


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