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All Things Maine

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Waldoboro Man Saves Foundering Family

Jim Salsman of Waldoboro rescued a family of four last week when their sailboat capsized off Hog Island. In true hero fashion, he then went home and failed to mention the incident to his wife.
Salsman explained that they were inexperienced sailors in a too-small boat. When he came upon them, the sailboat was overturned, with the sail still up. Salsman went underwater alone and tended to the sail, and was ultimately able to right it and tow the boat to shore. "They lost their gear, wallets, keys, everything. That sure put quite a damper on their vacation; the vacation from Hell."
Back in Waldoboro, Andrea Salsman was completely unaware of her husband's bravery, saying that somebody else told her of the incident, not Jim.

"He was in a little skiff, and to go out and help those people. I was mostly shocked when I heard about it, but it is exactly something he would do," Andrea said proudly. "He is such a find. We are both water lovers and sailors so it is not a surprise that he would just go out and do something like that. He doesn't like a lot of publicity." [Link]


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