All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vicarious Gardening

Since Hortense G. hasn't been posting much this season, I've contented myself with two other gardening blogs: Henbogle from Midcoast, and gardenpath from Southern Maine.
As a child, my mom used to give us cold peppermint tea to relieve stomach aches. I still keep it for that purpose, and sometimes drink it in the afternoon, just as a refreshing drink. This is another plant like lavender and dill, that I like to hoe or mow around. The fragrance of the plant fills the air, and makes for a very pleasant task. In the past few years, I have kept my mints contained in partly buried circles of garden edging. It is not as attractive as I would like, but the ring disappears as the plant grows. This method works well for me, and I am not constantly pulling runners out of the other plants. [Link]
For a steady supply of Maine gardening prose, read Barbara Damrosch's weekly A Cook's Garden column in The Washington Post.


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