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All Things Maine

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pluto to Remain in Houlton

Pluto will remain in the solar system—at least in the Aroostook County version of it. In fact, UMPI professor Kevin McCartney wants to add a few more "dwarf planets" to the model.
Complicating matters is the elliptical orbit of these objects.

"Where we put the model depends on whether we want to put it where (the dwarf planet) is presently or where it is on the average," McCartney said. "The thing with these outer planets is their orbits around the sun take centuries, and so I don't know if it makes sense to put it at its average location."

If astronomers keep discovering new dwarf planets, McCartney conjectured, the solar system model could one day stretch all the way down the coast. [Link]


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