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All Things Maine

Monday, August 14, 2006

Old Sow Didn't Stop the Quoddy Tides

A Press Herald article about Passamaquoddy Bay's Old Sow—the largest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere—offers this interesting tidbit:
Until 1990, the Quoddy Tides, a weekly newspaper in Eastport covering the communities of Passamaquoddy Bay, was typeset in a small print shop on Deer Island. Before modems, faxes or e-mail, getting the paper out involved sending typewritten copy by boat through the whirlpool every week, on deadline, and bringing paste-up pages back through the Old Sow.

"We didn't lose an issue," Quoddy Tides writer Susan Esposito said. [Link]
Those who've passed through the whirlpool and lived to tell about it are encouraged to join the Old Sow Whirlpool Survivors' Association.


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