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All Things Maine

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New England’s Last Indian Raid

We've just passed the 225th anniversary of "New England’s Last Indian Raid," which occurred in Sudbury Canada (now Bethel) and nearby settlements.
On 3 August 1781, six Indians “painted and armed with guns, tomahawks and scalping knives” arrived in what is today Bethel, taking three of its citizens prisoner. In present-day Gilead, they killed its first settler, James Pettengill and the same fate befell Peter Poor in today’s Shelburne, N.H. This event struck terror in the hearts of many of the early settlers of the area and was an integral part of the British plan to disrupt the outlying frontier settlements as part of the strategy they employed in attempting to put down their rebellious colony. [Link]
The anniversary will be marked at this weekend's Sudbury Canada Days in Bethel.


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