All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Box Lady of Brunswick

81-year-old Jeannette Cross is the "Box Lady" of Brunswick. Drawing on memories of her frugal childhood in Arundel, she turns trash into treasures, then sells them to support her thrifty lifestyle.
Cross crafts gift boxes from Corn Flakes and Jell-O boxes, pictures from magazines and from her files. She also gives "renewed life" to Popsicle sticks, wooden spools and frozen juice containers. Empty Pringles cans, now decorated with pictures of birds and children, hold eight gift bows. Advertising magnets glued to Jell-O boxes hold scrap paper and pencils on a refrigerator or stove.

"We grew up on farms with meager money during the Depression — very little money — and you had to make do with what you had," she said. "You could either view it as a challenge you can meet, or you'd just go under." [Link]


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