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All Things Maine

Friday, July 07, 2006

Poling Up Allagash Stream

Last week in The Moose Dung Gazette, Tim Smith described a solo canoe trip to Allagash Lake and Stream.
The first mile or so of the upper stream passed quickly, but soon I was into the shallower sections of the stream and bottoming out on rocks that slowed my progress from that of a brisk walk to that of a crawl. The trick is in finding the water that's deep enough to float your boat and gear, but it became harder and harder to find. After unsuccessfully trying every possible way to pole up a section of riffles I stepped out of the boat and tied on a lining bridle, then started walking upstream. The water was just over my ankle most of the time, but with rocks scattered about making the passage of the boat difficult. I searched my memory as my eyes scanned the water trying to remember how I had gotten down this section and looking for water deep enough to pole. [Link]


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