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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Newcastle's Oldest Resident Sought

Newcastle is looking for its oldest resident. That person will be awarded the town's Boston Post Cane, or at least a fair replica. According to Arlene Cole, Museum Chairman of the Newcastle Historical Society, the cane has gone unawarded since the last recipient passed away last November.
Cole tells of a past selectman, James Dalton as being a recipient of the cane, "but when he got sick and moved out to Connecticut with a nephew, the cane was lost. He was one of 12 children and was selectman in 1876, and died in 1979. The cane was missing from then until 1999, when a grand-nephew found it and brought it back to Newcastle in 1999."

The town was so nervous about letting the cane go again, that it was decided to form a duplicate to actually be presented, and have the original stay in the town office.

Arlene Cole's husband George (President of the Newcastle Historical Committee) made the duplicate cane, but with a brass head. The goal is to pass along the duplicate, which as yet is to be returned to the town. [Link]
The historical society of Maynard, Mass., has a webpage with the status of canes in 77 Maine towns. And now there's a blog with the latest Boston Post Cane news. My own grandmother, Mae Dunham, holds the cane in the town of Greenwood.


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