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All Things Maine

Friday, July 07, 2006

Maine's Register of Big Trees

The state keeps track of our biggest trees of both native and naturalized species. The 2005-2006 register is available here (PDF file), and gives the dimensions of each specimen, the town where it stands, the date it was last measured, and the name of the nominator. Points are given for circumference, height, and crown spread. Tying for first place with 379 points are an Eastern White Pine in Morrill, and an Eastern Cottonwood in Dresden—both last measured in 1987. Both then measured almost 20 feet in circumference. The Morrill pine is the national champ, joined by an Eastern Larch (Tamarack) in T12 R8 WELS (243 points).

The next register will be printed in 2007, with nominations taken through the end of this year. Nominations for big trees may be submitted online or by mail.


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