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All Things Maine

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Maine Quilt Heritage

Maine Quilt Heritage is a committee of the Pine Tree Quilters Guild devoted to documenting Maine's historic and soon-to-be-historic quilts.
During a quilt documentation day, volunteers examine, record and photograph quilts made before 1960. Each quilt receives a registration number. Forms are completed giving a description of the quilt and information the owner supplies about the quilt's history.

Quilt analysts identify the quilt's pattern and techniques used in making the quilt. The owner receives a copy of the registration number and the documentation information. The owner also receives information about taking care of the quilt.

"We have documented more than 2,500 quilts since 1986," Wendy Reed said in an e-mail. "Our earliest dated quilt was 1797 - although we documented quite a few that were made in the same era, but have no date on them." [Link]


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