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All Things Maine

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Loon Chick Safe, For Now

Two chicks hatched out last week under the watchful eye of Looncam (now offline). The biologists decided to intervene on Friday when it appeared that the second chick had been abandoned in the nest.
Lee set out in his kayak to the nest island and after much searching, found the chick hidden in the shallow waters around the island. He brought the chick within visual distance of the adults and placed it in the water. The adults responded to the calls of the young chick and soon the family was reunited. Although the adults were accepting of their young, the older chick was aggressive towards its sibling in a natural show of dominance.
At this writing, the family is together but a steady wind across the water makes for much effort to keep up against the waves. The chick is significantly smaller than the first-hatched sibling and will need to fight for access to the feeding adults. The hours ahead will be long for the young loon but this timeless struggle for survival in all species is both worthy and good. [Link]


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