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All Things Maine

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Wyoming Evocation Project

The Wyoming—launched from the Percy and Small Shipyard in Bath in 1909—was the largest wooden ship ever built in North America. On Saturday, the Maine Maritime Academy christened a replica of the 329-foot, six-mast schooner, now in its early stages.
The South Portland design team of Joe Hemes and Andreas von Huene are creating the sculpture with untold tons of steel, painted glossy white.

Rather than recreate the ship, they chose to imagine the skeleton of the old vessel, revealing its ribs and structural bones but leaving other elements to the mind of the viewer.

You can see right through this ship, clear across the campus of the Maine Maritime Museum and out to the Kennebec River. [Link]
The original Wyoming hauled coal along the New England coast until 1924, when it sank off Monomoy Island near Cape Cod in a storm. The Maine Memory Network has a photograph and more information on the ship. This photograph shows the full-sailed ship in profile.


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