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All Things Maine

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Guides of Grand Lake Stream

AP writer Jerry Harkavy had a nice piece published last weekend about Grand Lake Stream's "guide culture."
In the center of town is the Pine Tree Store, where vacationers and locals alike can pick up sandwiches and a six-pack and share local gossip. The store is well-stocked with souvenirs and fishing gear, including what co-owner Kathy Cressey terms the biggest collection of flies in Washington County.

Guides, who get their coffee free, congregate at the Liars Bench, where they can often be found trading stories over a game of cribbage. But the bench is not exclusively theirs.

"It's for anybody. As long as you're on the bench, you can say what you want," Cressey said.

The community's heart and soul are the three dozen or so registered Maine guides who work out of Grand Lake Stream, which boasts the largest concentration of guides in the state. [Link]


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