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All Things Maine

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Four Bears in a Caribou Tree

One bear in a tree is a sight to see. Four bears in a tree is a reason to call your friends, your family, and maybe the game warden.
It has been a lot like a circus sideshow for a residential neighborhood in this Aroostook County city as a black bear and her three cubs spent a second day up a tree and gawkers moved in for a glimpse or a picture of the spectacle.

"We've been baby-sitting bears - actually we've been baby-sitting people," Ed Christie, a district game warden with the Maine Warden Service, said Monday afternoon of the situation.

Christie estimated that since Sunday 200 people have swarmed the neighborhood, craning their necks as they drive by or gather on side streets as they try to see the bears. [Link]
The mother and two cubs made their way down safely Monday night, but a third cub was scared back up the tree by a cat. Wildlife biologists will try to capture him today.


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