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All Things Maine

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Ferries of Bar Harbor

The Mount Desert Islander has a history of the international ferries that have served Bar Harbor over the years, from the Bluenose to the Cat. It explains the origin of the name "Bluenose."
The original Bluenose was a Canadian fishing schooner renown on the Grand Banks as a speedy, yet safe vessel. Resplendent under full sail, the Bluenose won fame and fortune in 1921, the year she was launched, when she won the International Fishermen’s Trophy in a race against other fishing vessels from all over the Eastern seaboard.
The vessel quickly became a symbol of the Canadian Maritimes. The term “Bluenose” was a nickname that originated in the mid-1800s for any resident of Nova Scotia.
So it seemed only natural that officials casting about for a name ... for the ferry that would connect Maine with Atlantic Canada would turn to Bluenose. [Link]


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