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All Things Maine

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dead Whale Watching in Trenton

If you've ever wanted to see a sperm whale up close, now's your chance. A 46-foot-long creature was found floating in Boothbay Harbor this week, and was towed to a beach in Trenton to be studied by researchers from Allied Whale.
They estimate the young male whale has been dead for about a month, floating around the ocean until the Marine Patrol caught sight of it.

The whale is too decomposed for researchers to find out how it died, but they do plan to take measurements, some samples and the skeleton of the whale.

This is a rare opportunity for the scientists and volunteers, because sperm whales are deep water mammals, uncommon to the Maine coast.
They hope to eventually put the skeleton back together ... and put it on display at the Whale Museum in Bar Harbor. [Link]
Allied Whale volunteer Yeimaya has a nice photoset over at Flickr.


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