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All Things Maine

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Benny Cyr, Dairy Farmer

My 91-year-old great-uncle Benny Cyr of Waterford was profiled in the April 27 issue of the Advertiser Democrat. G. E. Twine's interview isn't online, but here's a snippet:
You can't watch the weather when you are a farmer. You have to work when you can.

I'd be mowing the fields and I'd come home with a hundred bales of hay on my truck. There was a man who lived above me while I was at the McIntyre Farm [in Waterford] and he had hay in his field for two or three days.

I'd dry my hay out just as quickly as I could then load it on my truck and put a canvas over it. Then mow for the next day and I would leave with a load of dried hay.

He didn't dry his hay quick enough. You have to go according to the weather. He never asked for help, but I wouldn't tell him anyway because he thought he was smart.


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