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All Things Maine

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bangor and Rockland Collide

An article in today's Bangor Daily News recounts the foggy night a century ago when "the two most glamorous Boston boats, the City of Bangor and the City of Rockland" collided 20 miles east of Portland.
There were 200 passengers aboard the Rockland and 50 aboard the Bangor. Three staterooms were crushed on the former vessel, and Mrs. Elmer Crowell of Woonsocket, R. I. was thrown from her berth, stunned and bruised, the only casualty. In another stateroom, two girls from Aroostook County on a high school trip had to be removed through a window when their door jammed. As for the City of Bangor, her prow was badly smashed and her stem twisted as shown in a picture printed in the Bangor Daily Commercial on June 8. [Link]


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