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All Things Maine

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Osprey Nest Destroyed

Central Maine Power removed an osprey nest from atop a transmission tower in Abbot last week. The locals who've been watching the birds tending their eggs were horrified to discover the remnants of the nest on the ground. CMP said the osprey had to go because they kept turning off the lights.
The birds disrupted power to the region for the first time this spring on May 13, and then again on May 16. A CMP official said the outage was caused when sticks from the nest contacted the transmission line. About 4,400 customers were affected by each of the outages.

Osprey and their nests are protected under the federal Migratory Treaty Act, but human health and safety issues rule the matter.

"People have to live and survive," [USDA Wildlife Services state director Edwin] Butler said. While the raptors are great birds, they are fairly common, he said. [Link]


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