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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum

Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum in Waldoboro opens for its 10th season Memorial Day weekend. The museum (also known for its "Famous Fine Art") houses a host of rare and wonderful toys and memorabilia coveted by generations of kids—including a large collection of Disney toys, art, and ephemera.

It isn't all fun and games: John S. Fawcett has also collected items like Gene Autry's Rodeo Saddle, and Brace Beemer's Lone Ranger pistols.
Brace Beemer was the personification of "my" Lone Ranger. He was the deep booming voice that portrayed the masked man on radio from 1941 to the mid 1950s. Beemer made many personal appearances in full costume as the Lone Ranger. He visited children's hospitals, appeared at rodeos, and even took his guns to Washington D.C. The Lone Ranger and his pistols have been to the FBI, the halls of congress, and to the White House. Brace Beemer, the mythic Lone Ranger, was a true American hero. [Link]


At 3:34 PM, June 14, 2006, Blogger Michelle Souliere said...

WOW!!! I need to go there.


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