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All Things Maine

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Bones of Chief Polin

Last Sunday was the 250th anniversary of Stephen Manchester's shooting of Chief Polin during a raid of the New Marblehead settlement (now Windham). Legend has it that Polin was buried "on a riverbank near where the Presumpscot River flows out of Sebago Lake"—a spot that Eugene Stuart of Standish locates on his family's ancestral homestead.
The legend passed down by his family is that his great, great grandfather Capt. William Wescott discovered the bones of Chief Polin while working on the Cumberland Oxford Canal during the early 1800s. And Wescott brought them back home and kept them in the knee-high attic of the house.

“Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve heard people speak of the skeletal remains of Chief Polin being in this house,” Stuart said. “So the story goes, the wife of William Wescott thought it was bad luck to have the bones in the house."

A short walk along a stonewall at the edge of his family's farm, Stuart points to a cluster of pine trees where his ancestor is rumored to have buried Chief Polin's bones. [Link]


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