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All Things Maine

Monday, May 15, 2006

Beach Stones

San Francisco-based photographer Josie Iselin has released a book called Beach Stones. Some of her subjects hail from the state of Maine, where Iselin has summered since 1969. Check out her online gallery for some enticing examples.
Q: How did you start collecting stones?

A: It probably began in earnest when the children were quite young. One summer when the children were small, my sister-in-law and I began to choose categories to direct our aimless perusals up and down the beaches of coastal Maine (North Haven or Vinalhaven area of Penobscot Bay). While the kids splashed and built rafts, we were on the look-out for triangle rocks one day or heart-shaped rocks the next. It became a bit of an obsession.
Q: Do you have Maine stones in the book? Where did they come from?

A: Oh, yes, the stones are captioned so you can see there are quite a few from Maine, mostly areas around Penobscot Bay, fantastic granite from Hurricane Island and Isle au Haut, and various groups and single stones from North Haven and Vinalhaven. [Link]
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