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All Things Maine

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Not How Lobstermen Dress

The current issue of Esquire has a feature called "The Map of American Style," which explores how Americans dress. Americans like Adam, Brad and Eric Scott, lobstermen of Rockport.
It was quite a shock to see the Scott brothers at the Rockport public landing, decked out in what New York City people think lobstermen wear at work.

Like a $75 cotton sweater, a $175 cotton jacket, a $125 sweatshirt, a $100 Gant dress shirt and a $175 knitted hat by Mary Jane Mucklestone. There was no bait hanging from their Dockers after a day's work.

Brad Scott said the grief from other fishermen started the midsummer day that the New York crew arrived and hasn't stopped yet. And the magazine has just hit the market. [Link]
Despite the grief, there's one good outcome: the Mucklestone hats hand-knitted by Eric Scott's wife are "going like hotcakes."
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