All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Exploring the Spirit of Maine

An ashram in Industry? A Zen meditation hall in Surry? Author Karen Wentworth Batignani of Kennebunk was herself surprised at the range of religious and spiritual expression to be found in Maine.
Batignani, 49, has traveled the state, praying and meditating with Mainers who are finding what they're seeking in a surprising variety of faiths, customs and philosophies. Her new book, "Exploring the Spirit of Maine: A Seeker's Guide," is a catalog of spiritual places and communities, from the familiar to the unexpected.


Batignani had no idea she'd find so much to write about. "I wasn't really sure there was enough in Maine to do a book. I mean who knew - two shaman schools?" [Link]


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