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All Things Maine

Thursday, December 01, 2005

When Towns Had Teams

Freeport resident Jim Baumer's new book, When Towns Had Teams, recalls a time my own father remembers fondly: the days when local and semi-pro baseball games still drew crowds in Maine.
Ask anyone who might have lived in a small Maine town or even one of the few cities in the state and they’ll tell you that during the 1950’s and 1960’s, the local baseball team was afforded a prominent place in their parochial pecking order. Sadly, local baseball of the variety played in every little town or hamlet began to experience a loss of interest during the 1970’s and by the late 1980’s, most of Maine’s local baseball leagues were gone. The remaining ones were on life support, struggling to compete with softball, television and communities experiencing a loss of connectedness. [Link]
The book is available from RiverVision Press, and at the Maine bookstores listed on their website. Baumer also writes blogs called Words Matter and My Blatherings.

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At 6:24 PM, December 04, 2005, Blogger Jim said...

It's always nice to get a "plug" via another blog/website. This has become one of my regular "stops" for news; it's a great place to gather the latest on what's happening in the Pine Tree State.

Since I'm not below shameless self-promotion, I'll invite anyone who wants to check out When Towns Had Teams out to Borders, in South Portland on Saturday, Dec. 3rd, at 2pm. I'll be signing books, along with a Portland writing legend, the irrepressible, Liz Peavey ('Outta My Way). Should be fun. Stop by and say "hi".


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