All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Water, Water Everywhere

Statistics cited in Monday's Portland Press Herald offer some perspective on Maine's abundant water supply.
Poland Spring says it will pump 500 million gallons in Maine this year. That's enough to fill a lot of half-liter bottles. But it's still only a tiny fraction of the water lying below ground in saturated pockets of sand and gravel.

There are 1,300 square miles of the glacially-strewn aquifers preferred by spring water companies scattered across Maine, said State Geologist Robert Marvinney. Each year these formations are recharged with 240 billion gallons of rain water.

How much water is that? Marvinney said there are 2 billion gallons of water in the top inch of Moosehead Lake. Three-and-a-half inches of the lake would supply the entire U.S. bottled water market for a year. [Link]
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