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All Things Maine

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Shaker Museum Coming to Alfred

The Friends of the Alfred Shaker Museum have taken a step toward starting a museum devoted to Maine first and largest Shaker community.

On Tuesday, a 40-ton 19th-century Shaker carriage house was moved a few hundred yards to a location more suitable for its future use.
The two-story carriage house is one of just eight buildings that remain from 1931, when the Alfred Shakers left town and joined the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community in New Gloucester.

A preservation group called the Friends of the Alfred Shaker Museum, which leases the building, decided to move it because the location was ill-suited for a museum. Parking space was scarce, and the carriage house was sandwiched between a homeless shelter and another building. [Link]
The Alfred Shaker Historic District is part of the Shaker Historic Trail, which includes fifteen sites in seven states.
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