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All Things Maine

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Remember the Fallen Mailboxes

As another batch of wintry weather approaches, we should think of those who suffer most when snow piles up: our mailboxes.

As Allen Crabtree wrote last March in the Bridgton News, "Mailboxes lose in the battle with Maine winter." Not with winter, actually, but with town plow trucks.
In the process of plowing roads during storms when visibility is poor, and when "winging back" the banks, the plows often hit objects that are on the edge of the road. Driveway markers, newspaper boxes, and mailboxes are all in the public right-of-way and are the most common casualties. Sometimes they get hit because they are buried in the snow and not visible, and sometimes it is because the plow can't avoid them due to oncoming traffic, road conditions, or whatever. I know that we've all suspected that the plow drivers seek mailboxes out as some perverse game, but believe me, that is the last thing on their mind while trying to horse around a fully loaded truck on a slippery road in a blizzard. Winter is their enemy, not our mailboxes. [Link]
Accompanying this article are several photographs of crushed and decapitated mailboxes which some sensitive readers may find disturbing.
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