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All Things Maine

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No Women Allowed on Long Island?

The tiny town of Long Island in Casco Bay may be off-limits to women for a week next March.

Producers of a BBC/Learning Channel series called "The Week the Women Went" have narrowed down to three their choices for a site to film their next installment. The program would document how Long Island copes with the temporary loss of their female residents.
[Town clerk Brenda] Singo said there are probably about 50 adult woman who would be eligible for the project, of a total island population of about 210. Some islanders go to Florida in the winter and would not be available to participate in a March filming, Singo said.

Carol Doughty, innkeeper at the island's Chestnut Hill Inn, has met the crew members and said she thought the film project was "a fabulous idea." She said March is a slow time for her. Though it might be a busy time for her husband.

"We have three children and my husband works in Portland," Doughty said. [Link]
The TLC production crew will be on the island until Thursday, and will be holding a public meeting at the elementary school this evening at 7 o'clock.

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