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All Things Maine

Friday, December 16, 2005

A New Way to Melt Snow

Before Portland dumps its snow in the harbor, they might want to check out a new invention from James C. Monroe of Gray. He was granted a patent on Dec. 6 for a "Snow and/or ice liquefier."
A method of and system for liquefying snow. The system includes a rotor-stator device mounted within a melting reservoir and having a slotted rotor and a slotted stator. Snow and/or ice is deposited in a water bath in the melting reservoir. The rotor rotates at high speed, hurling particles of crystalline snow from the tips of the rotor slots onto the perpendicular faces of the stator, thereby fracturing the crystals and promoting liquefication. The high mechanical forces generated during operation of the rotor-stator device also contribute a significant amount of heat that is applied directly to the snow. The system also includes ancillary assemblies, such as heat-exchangers and snow-transport means. The system is operable as a stationary unit or a mobile unit. [Link]
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